A Week of Gratitude inspire me

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, from November 19-25, 2017, we are dedicating this week to giving gratitude.

A Week of Gratitude challenge:
Gratitude is an important contributor to positive psychology and re-wiring your brain to develop a pattern of positivity instead of negativity. This week long challenge will help jump-start your way toward a more healthier, positive path!

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Blue Courage’s Michael Nila on Education as the Foundation for what a Police Officer Does inspire me

On a recent trip to Columbia, Michael Nila, Blue Courage’s founder and managing partner, visited with the Columbia National Police.  Here he is in a brief clip speaking on education being the foundation for everything that a police officer does.

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A Poem Written by Kansas City Police Officer inspire me

A poem written by a Kansas City police officer:

Brown Eyes in Blues

By Chato Villalobos

I place this badge on my chest

Tuck a cross into my bullet proof vest

Say a quick prayer before checking my shoes

Perfectly shined of course, well pressed Blues

I hesitate, right before I look in the mirror

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