Nevada National Guard - Purple Resolve Course - Las Vegas, NV events

Event Dates: July 26-28, 2021

The Purple Resolve educational process provides foundational leadership development for 21st Century Guardsmen. This process closes the gap between how guardsmen are traditionally trained (from basic training to retirement) and what is required of members to effectively serve and meet the demands of the armed forces while remaining faithful, healthy, and...

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Equity in Law Enforcement Community Conversation: A Dialogue on Community Policing - Tallahassee, FL events

Event Date: July 22, 2021

Equity in Law Enforcement Community Conversation: A Dialogue on Community Policing

The Community Conversation will explore Leon County's current social climate while providing an opportunity for law enforcement and our broader community to come together to exchange perspectives. Special Guests: Michael Nila (Blue Courage, LLC) and Chief William Scott (San Francisco...

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Metropolitan Police Department - Supporting MPD's Future Leaders - Washington D.C. events

Event Date: July 29, 2021

Supporting MPD’s Future Leaders: The Sergeant Leadership and Peer Support Pilot Program

Session 3: Mindful Performance

Two cohorts, each comprising  20 self-selected sergeants, meet monthly to learn, share, and practice together. Topics include: The Choice to Lead, The Lexicon of Leadership, Mindful Performance, Resilience & Hope, Optimal State,...

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